No one helps you coordinate with team members better than Tellus.

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Save time with secure payment options. From rent to reimbursements, we make it easy.

With the ability to create as many chats as you want, there’s no need to forward emails or leave voicemails because everyone is already in the same conversation.

Co-managers can have their own management chat to handle the day-to-day details while using a separate chat with the owner. Co-owners can make decisions in their own chat and have a separate chat with their managers. Tellus also gives you the ability to add someone to the chat part of the way through, without letting them see previous messages.

No one needs to share accounts. Everyone’s personal information is safe. And everyone is available to help manage together through chat.

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Maximum Flexibility

Regardless of your management style, Tellus works with you to deliver a communication platform tailor-made to fit your needs. For hands-off owners who don’t want to be overwhelmed with notifications from their managers, we have a read-only mode. For owners who prefer to be the first point of contact, it’s easy to participate in day-to-day decisions—even remotely—through chat.

The ability to add people part of the way through a chat gives you maximum convenience. You no longer have to create a separate chat or worry about new participants seeing prior information. Managers chatting with tenants about maintenance issues often use this feature to bring a service professional into the conversation.

Similarly, it’s also possible to remove people from chat in case someone moves on and is no longer managing with you. They keep all previous messages without being able to see any future ones.

Organized management awaits.