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No Fees ● 3.00% APY* ● Paid Out Daily

We believe in helping everyday people earn more.

Tellus offers a higher yield on your savings than your bank. Your interest grows daily. No fees. No limits.

Tellus rewards you with the highest-yield on your savings, with no limits and no fees.

See your interest grow on a daily basis.

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High yield returns for everyone.

Tellus is democratizing access to higher yields on money and giving you rates that traditionally are only accessible to the wealthy. Your money deserves a better return, no matter how much you start with.

Deposit money

Get started with just $200, top-up anytime. There's no limit.

Earn daily interest

Receive 3.00% APY and interest is paid out daily.

Skip the fees

We don't charge you fees, ever. That’s more money in your pocket.

Keep your money safe

Your earnings are asset-backed and secured by title. Just relax and watch your money grow.

See how it works

See how it works

The revolutionary way to save money.

You deserve more.

Our mission is to empower everyday people to make more money. We work hard to find the right asset class that yields high returns. Unlike big banks, we share our profits with you so you can earn more. Our borrowers pay us so that you don't have to.

It's straightforward. Earn 3.00%

Radical transparency.

Unlike other companies that only offer high yields up to a certain dollar amount, or force you to link direct deposits, Tellus has no such limitations or conditions.

With Tellus, there are no hidden fees: in fact, we don't charge fees, period.²1

Easy to setup and use.

The app you love.

Set up within minutes and start earning right away. Our superb technology and easy-to-use user experience will make you want to open the app everyday. Watching your money grow is now easier than ever.

  • Daily Interest Payouts
  • Withdraw your money any time**
  • High Yield Interest - No matter how much money you have

Security and support you can trust

Protected by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

Backed by our unparalleled 5-star in-app support.

How does Tellus savings compare?

Here's what users are saying

Great for passive money

“If you aren’t on this app, you are losing a chance to earn passive money”

— Ameya D.

100X better

“This app is 100x better than any savings account out there.”

— Matt R.

Super easy to use

“Super easy to use, a great way to invest and save for your future, your goals, or for any reason you want to save!”

— Erick S.

A savings account for a house down payment

“One of the best you will get these days. I use it as a savings account for a down payment on a house essentially.”

— Drew D.

A no brainer

“Simple APY % breakdown: Credit Union 0.05, Robinhood 0.30, Chime 1.00. First 100 days in Tellus 3.00% after that 2.00%. Tellus is a no brainer”

— Andres C.

Real money, better than your bank

“Better than your local bank if you want to save some real money. Would recommend to anyone”

— Steven M.

The real deal

“This app really is the real deal and if you're someone who’s interested in having a savings account working harder for you then definitely consider Tellus.”

— Maurice C.

Engaging platform

“The platform is engaging, which makes banking and property management fun. It’s like real life Monopoly!”

— Reese M.

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Join us in democratizing high interest rates to every responsible saver, no matter how much money you start with.
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