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Tellus is a superapp making high-yield cash accounts, lucrative real estate investments, and state-of-the-art property management tools accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Real Estate for Everyone

High-Yield Accounts & Investments

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Tellus Property Investment

Earn 2.00% APY Guaranteed
Boost Returns with Daily Rewards

Tellus Boost offers high yield cash accounts paying 20x the national savings rate. Sign up today to earn 3% APY for your first 100 days!

Tellus Property Investment

Tellus Invest
Earn up to 12.00%¹

With Tellus Invest, accredited investors can swipe and choose direct real estate investments to earn up to 12% APY with no fees or lockup.

Real Estate Meets Technology

Discover the Power of Tellus

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Interest Earnings

Earn 2.00% APY* or more through a high-yield cash account backed by real estate with Tellus Boost.

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Property Management

Collect rent, screen tenants, track expenses and more from your mobile device with Tellus Manage.

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Real Estate Investing

Swipe and invest in real estate investments to earn up to 12% APY with Tellus Invest.

Tellus Manage

Streamlined Property Management for Mobile

Tellus Property Investment

Collect Rent & Track Expenses

Keep organized records of payments, reimbursements and more.

Hassle-Free Rental Listings

Publish a listing to multiple sites and get 4x more leads.

Simple Tenant Lead Tracking

Screen tenants with background and credit checks.

Fast & Easy Rental Home Loans

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Tellus Property Investment

48 Hour Approval

Get approved for a low rate home loan in under 48 hours and refinance your rental property with the touch of a button. No FICO score or credit check needed. See the funds in your account within 7 business days.

Tellus Property Investment

Flexible Payment Schedule

Find the customizable term that works for you and pay back any time without prepayment penalties.


  • What is Tellus?

    Tellus is a Real Estate Superapp for high-powered investors. From high-yield cash accounts to direct real estate investments and property management tools, Tellus has something to offer everyone.

    • High Yield Accounts and Investments: Supercharge your returns and save in high-yield accounts or invest directly in asset-backed investments. Realize compelling returns that payout daily.
    • Manage like a Pro: Digitize your real estate management with professional-grade tools to handle everything rental related. From rent collection to expense tracking and lease documentation, we’re here to simplify your life (your tenants will thank you!).
    • 48 Hour Rental Home Loans: Elevate your real estate investing and grow your purchasing power. High-powered investors don’t miss out on deals because of funding. Get approved for a rental home loan in 48 hours or less and see the funds in your account in a week, guaranteed.
  • What types of accounts do you offer?

    Everyone that signs up for Tellus can fund two different types of accounts:

    • High-Yield Cash Account: Our high-yield cash account pays daily compounded interest and is fully insured up to $1,000,000. For a limited time this account is offering a 3.00% APY for 100 days following account opening. After the introductory period, interest rates fluctuate with market conditions but will never drop below the guaranteed rate of 2.00% APY.
    • Tellus Direct Investments (Coming Soon!): For accredited investors, take advantage of direct investments in prime real estate and make up to 12.00% APY. Choose from a selection of prime properties and invest directly in asset-backed investments with as little as $200.
  • Is my money insured?

    Our High-Yield Cash Account is principal protected and secured by real assets up to $1,000,000.

  • Is there a minimum account balance?

    There’s no minimum balance to fund your High-Yield Cash Account. For accredited investors investing in Tellus Direct Investments (Coming Soon!), there is a minimum investment of $200 per investment.

  • Are there any fees?

    There are never any fees on any of our accounts or direct investments - what you see is what you get! That’s the way investing should be and that’s how we do it at Tellus. Additionally, everything on our property management system is free for landlords and tenants, with the exception of standard credit card fees. That’s right -- listings, screenings, even ACH rent collection is free for everyone.

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Tellus Property Investment

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