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Tellus is revolutionizing real estate investing for everyone! Buy and sell into the best neighborhoods as easily as buying and selling stocks. Run your rental business with free professional tools built for real estate.

Tellus Property Investment

Just for the rich? Think again.

You don’t need millions to invest in real estate, just $200.

The best neighborhoods are now at your fingertips. Ready to explore?

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Unlike other investment platforms which offer only a “slice” which has counter party risk, investing with Tellus means your investment is secured by the actual house. All of Tellus’ opportunities are asset backed.

Higher Yields

Put your money to work and enjoy a higher yield that beats the banks. Earn up to 12% on investments backed by real property.

No Lockups

Your money is not locked. You can buy and sell at any time. Tellus gives you complete control and total flexibility with your investments.

Real Liquidity

Buy and sell into prime home loans as easily as if you were buying or selling stocks. No transaction fees, no hidden charges. Just sound investments as liquid as your own bank account!

The World of Tellus

Real estate awaits. Are you ready?

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Tellus Investments

Banks profit off of home loans, so why can’t you? Reap the benefits of residential real estate without having to buy an entire home. With just $200, invest in mortgage fractions for daily returns. All investments are backed by real property and give you the flexibility to sell at any time.

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Tellus Home Loans

Homeowners are richer than they think. Although banks may restrict your access to your home equity—especially for rentals—Tellus knows that great assets deserve fast, fair loans. We offer home equity loans to all types of borrowers—regardless of credit score.

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Tellus Rental Platform

Managing rental properties with Tellus is like having a personal assistant wherever you go. Enjoy free tenant screening, rental listing services, online rent collection, and more. Track your rental income and project future earnings.

Rental Platform

Manage your rentals with a smart assistant.

Rental Property Management App


Earn daily cash from the hottest homes on the market.

Real Estate Investing App

Cash Out

Unlock your home equity within days.

Home Equity Loans


A payment platform designed for real estate.

Tellus Wallet for Real Estate Payments

Why is Tellus a good solution for real estate?

Because we’re doing something no one has done before.

Invest in prime real estate for $200

Tellus investors earn daily interest. Unlike other investments that lock up your money for months, Tellus believes your money belongs to you. We give you full control and instant liquidity so that you can cash out at any time.

Investing with Tellus means total transparency. Choose your own adventure by browsing through available properties to create your own portfolio. Invest directly into a specific property and get your name recorded on the title of the home!

First class rental tools for everyone

Tellus Rental Platform gives you a powerful suite of tools wherever you go. Not only that, but we deliver results. List your property for free and get 4x the leads compared to paid listing competitors.

Tellus is your first stop to check the status of your property. See who has paid rent and which units are late. Keep track of all your expenses and create automatic reports.

The best part? Tellus gives you professional tools for free.

Treat your home like a bank account

For most homeowners, accessing equity feels like a puzzle they can’t unlock. A lower credit score or higher debt can prevent even the best homeowner from getting a loan. Tellus is democratizing homeownership and lending by giving homeowners and landlords direct access to their equity.

Our digital application takes minutes to complete. We do not run a credit check or even consider credit score. Your home is a valuable asset. Don’t let anyone restrict your access.

A full-featured real estate platform

Tellus is more than just an app; it’s a real estate platform. A platform gives you access to every tool you need to manage your home, invest in real estate, or run your rental business.

Chat with co-owners to decide if you want to borrow against your home. Invest in real estate on the same app you use to manage your rental property. Make payments, earn interest, and keep flawless financial records.

Why invest with Tellus?

Just $200

The lowest buy-in for top neighborhoods.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum

Instant Liquidity

Cash out on your schedule, not ours.

Instant Liquidity

Daily Returns

Earn money every day and watch your balance grow.

Earn Daily Returns

High Profile Homes

Own a piece of a mansion in Silicon Valley or Beverly Hills.

Invest in High Profile Homes

Ultimate Flexibility

Buy and sell anytime without any fees.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum

Backed and Secured

Your investment is secured by the actual home.

Instant Liquidity

Unlock Home Equity

Claim your properties on Tellus to see available offers. Investors are already looking at your neighborhood. Will they choose your home next?

Fast Funds

Apply in minutes and get an answer within 24 hours. Trade in the stress of paperwork for the peace of mind that comes from a digital application.

No Prepayment Penalties

Pay back the loan as early as you want and save on interest. No yield maintenance fees mean more flexibility with your money.

No Credit Check Required

Apply for low interest rates regardless of credit score. Loan decisions are based on the property itself, not your credit history. Great homes deserve great loans.

Rental Essentials

Free Rental Listings

We publish your listing to the top 16 sites.

Free Rental Property Listings

Tenant Screening

Free background checks for you and your tenants.

Free Tenant Screening and Background Checks

Online Payments

Collect rent online for free, no hidden fees.

Online Rent Payments

Expense Tracking

Keep organized records and track expenses on the go.

Expense Tracking and Accounting Tools

25 leads

on average per day per listing


improvement in on-time rent payments


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