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The Tellus App for Rental Management: 5 Reasons Why Landlords Love It

Landlords share 5 reasons for why they love the Tellus superapp for rental management.

Rochelle Langam
Rochelle Langam

Lightning-Fast Rent Collection

The Tellus app makes collecting and paying rent fast and easy. There are several payment methods available to users: credit or debit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and AutoPay. Both landlords and tenants love that AutoPay is simple to set up. Even better, it’s free! Read more about Tellus's exceptional payment feature.

Thorough Tenant Screening

Landlords have another reason for why they prefer using Tellus for rental management: access to tenant screening is free. Furthermore, the process is straightforward. Prospective tenants fill out an application to begin the background check. Then landlords review each application with its supporting documents and send an invitation to sign a lease directly from the app.

Top-Notch Financial Organization

Managing a rental is a business, not a hobby. With Tellus’s Ledger, users can take photos of receipts, track income and expenses, and run reports. Landlords and property managers no longer have to print and store documents in a filing cabinet. The power of technology is in their hands.

Stellar Customer Support

Tellus thrives on turning new customers into happy, loyal ones. Users receive answers to their questions quickly from a fellow human being through real-time chat. Because the team’s approach is person-centric, landlords recommend the Tellus app for rental management to other landlords in their network. Forget automated replies. The customer service team at Tellus believes in a high-touch experience.

Completely Free

Other property management apps charge landlords to use their features, but not Tellus. Do you want to set up AutoPay? Do you need a background check? Owners will likely get charged a fee for these other services necessary to run a successful rental property. When landlords use the Tellus app, they are part of an ecosystem in which everyone benefits. There are no costs and no hidden fees.

To experience the power of an all-in-one rental management app, make the Tellus app your digital assistant. Download it for free from the App Store or Play Store.