Earn 2.00% APY on Your Cash

Earn 2.00% APY
on Your Cash

The cash account that pays 20x the national average rate. No minimum balance, no limit. Open a High Yield cash account today!

Checkmark Intro Rate3.00% APY Intro Rate

Checkmark InsuredFully Insured up to $1,000,000

Checkmark Daily InterestInterest Paid Daily

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Wallet Cash Account

High-Yield Cash Account

Introducing the high yield, asset-backed cash account by Tellus. Here you can earn 20x more than the national average savings rate with daily payouts. There’s no better way to start saving!

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Cash Account Card

Earn 2.00% APY* Guaranteed

Tellus Boost offers high-yield cash accounts that enable you to earn 3.00% APY* for your first 100 days. After that, we guarantee a minimum 2.00% APY for life! There’s no easier, more rewarding way to put your idle cash to work. Get started with our cash account today!

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Boost Interest Returns

Boost Your Returns

We’ve added plenty of new features that provide you with opportunities to increase the return on your investment. By checking in on your cash account every day or answering a daily quiz question, you can earn powerful boosts to help increase your rate of return.

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Daily Interest

Daily Rewards

Daily boosts are simple: open up the Tellus app, and you’ll be able to claim one boost every day for free. Once you’ve claimed it, go ahead and apply it to your cash account to increase your yield. Remember to check back the next day to claim another one and grow your net worth!

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Daily Quiz

Daily Quizzes

Quiz questions are meant to be educational and engaging. You can earn boosts for your high-yield cash account by answering one question correctly every day. The clock will reset in 24 hours, and you will get another quiz question to answer. Quick, easy, and educational!

Refer Friends for Interest Boosts

Refer Friends to
Earn Interest Boosts

Refer your friends to Tellus to spread the word and earn some extra cash along the way! You will even receive a boost for each person who joins. They’ll receive boosts to make their cash accounts grow too. It’s a win-win!

Maximizing Your Returns Matters

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth.” -- Robert Kiyosaki

Traditional banks don’t work hard to give you the returns you deserve. Tellus unlocks and harnesses the power of real estate to give you returns at least 20x the national average savings rate. Our high-yield cash accounts optimize your money, backing it with real estate assets and cutting out the middleman. With Tellus, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the returns you deserve on your money. What are you waiting for?


What is the Tellus Boost account?

Tellus Boost is a high-yield cash account for savers and investors that helps you earn high interest by guaranteeing no less than 2% APY compounded daily. You can discover and apply boosts to accelerate the growth of your high-yield savings. Remember to log on every day to earn your boost and answer your daily quiz question!

Why use the Tellus Boost account?

Tellus Boost offers an introductory 3% APY for 100 days. Following the introductory period, the interest rate on your cash account may be adjusted per market conditions, with a guaranteed minimum of 2% APY. This is higher than high-yield savings and money market accounts offered by most banks and credit unions.

What is aging for ACH transfers?

In accordance with our fraud prevention policies, all funds deposited through ACH transfers are subject to a 60-day aging requirement before withdrawal. Funds deposited through wire transfer, WeChat Pay, and Alipay are not subject to aging requirements and may be withdrawn at any time.

How many bank accounts can I link to my Tellus Boost account?

In accordance with anti-money laundering regulations and our fraud prevention policies, only one bank account may be linked to your cash account.

Do I need to maintain a minimum balance in my Tellus Boost account?

Yes. As we cannot pay fractional cents, we require Tellus Boost accounts to maintain a $200 minimum balance to accrue daily interest.

How do interest payments work?

Interest is paid and compounded daily at 12AM PST. The funds are automatically added to your cash account.

How do you protect my money?

We chose to use private insurance to protect real estate investments and interest so that we can insure you up to $1,000,000. In the event of a default on an underlying loan, our insurance steps in to continue to pay you your interest rate while we foreclose and liquidate the underlying asset.

What if the property goes underwater?

If the underlying asset is worth less than the loan, the insurance makes up for the difference, thus allowing users to recoup all their funds while still getting paid interest throughout the process. Your cash is always secure.

What are the minimum account balances?

Tellus Boost requires a minimum balance of $200. Investments made through Tellus Invest also require a $200 minimum investment. However, there is no minimum balance requirement for your Tellus Cash.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for opening or holding any cash accounts or direct investments with Tellus - what you see is what you get! That’s the way saving and investing should be. Our property management system is free for landlords and tenants, with the exception of standard credit card fees. Listings, screenings, and even ACH rent collections are free for all users.

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