It has never been easier for you to communicate with your landlord. Tellus takes the stress out of renting so that you can feel at home.


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Pay Rent Directly to Your Landlord

Paying rent with checks is a hassle. We wanted to make it easy for renters to pay on time and send rent directly to the landlord’s bank account. Our payment feature through bank accounts (ACH transfer) is always free. Paying with a credit card is a service that incurs a small fee collected by your credit card company. All payments through Tellus are encrypted and secure.

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Set Up AutoPay and Never Be Late

Late payments are stressful for everyone. But what if you never had to worry about them? For extra peace of mind, our optional AutoPay feature allows you to never be late with rent. Tellus will give you ample notice before we withdraw funds from your account. Say goodbye to late fees.

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Request Reimbursement for Approved Expenses

Have you gotten approval to paint that accent wall or replace that wobbly door knob? Great! Now you can submit those receipts for reimbursement; it’s as easy as snapping a pic. Once your landlord or manager approves the expense, you’ll be paid immediately with no more waiting to deduct it from your rent.


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Submit Tickets

Maintenance issues? We’ve got you covered. If something in your home needs repair, just submit a ticket to your landlord or manager. Add photos or notes to give them more context. For emergencies like flooding, mark requests as urgent. Your landlord or manager will see it immediately and will contact the appropriate service provider to find a quick solution.

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Receive Alerts and Other Relevant Messages

If your rent due date is coming up, Tellus will remind you so you won’t forget. If your landlord or manager needs to notify you in advance to enter your home, you’ll see it in your notifications. All home related news and alerts are easily accessible.


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Sign Your Lease

Review your lease and sign it electronically through Tellus. Your landlord can also upload digital copies of all other forms they give you so that everything’s in one place. Say goodbye to filing cabinets and searching for that poorly named file.

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Upload Pictures for Move-In or Move-Out Inspection

Just moving in? Make sure you keep as much of your security deposit as possible. Tellus makes it easy to take and upload pictures during your walk-through so that everyone has an accurate record of the conditions of your home upon move-in and move-out.


Effortless renting awaits.

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