Owners and Landlords

Finally, there’s a place where you can manage everything related to your home. Using Tellus is like having ten assistants working to make your life easier.


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Effortless Rent Collection

Landlords can always collect rent for free with no hidden fees. Tellus will help you keep track of who hasn’t paid through your dashboard and smart notifications sent directly to your phone. If your tenant misses rent, Tellus can automatically enforce late fees.

Tellus gives tenants the option to set up AutoPay—monthly rent payments that guarantee you are paid on time. It’s more secure than bank transfers and less hassle than checks.

Keep your mailing address and bank account details private, stop worrying about bounced checks, and cut down on all those visits to the bank. You won’t even need to check your bank account each day rent is due—we’ll notify you when the payment has gone through.

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One-Tap Expense Tracking

Step into optimum organization. Snap pictures of receipts, log income and expenses in the Ledger, and create income-expense reports to see your rental yield and which rentals are the most profitable. View current reports and compare your cash flow with previous months. You will always have a real-time view of your rental income and expenses with no more wondering if your rental is yielding positive cash flow.

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Generate Financial Reports

Your accountant is going to love you for this! Access relevant information at a glance: create professional income statements, rent roll reports, and more. What is often a paid-for service with other providers is something Tellus offers for free. We create automatic income and expense reports for any rental and time period. Reports refresh automatically and are easy to export and share with your accountant, co-owner, or property manager.

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Easy Organization for Tax Season

Never miss a tax deduction because you couldn’t find a receipt. Sort your receipts by type, address, or date, and download expense reports by tax deduction categories. With itemized and categorized expenses, professional reports, and photo archives, Tellus helps you keep everything organized so that tax season is a breeze. Your CPA will thank you!

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Pay Your Property Manager

Set up recurring payments through Tellus to go directly into their bank account.


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Living Archive

Keep everything you need to remember about your home right at your fingertips. With Tellus, you can record details like the paint color in the kitchen or the make and model of your dishwasher. This way, the next time you’re at the store searching for the matching color or the appropriate part, all the information is accessible in a searchable database.

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Photo Uploads of Receipts or Invoices

Have a paper receipt you want to document? Just snap a picture to log it in less than 30 seconds and keep it with your other documents. Everything in Tellus is backed up to the Cloud, so you never have to worry about finding old receipts for tax season.

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Upload and Digitally Sign a Lease

Upload a lease and invite tenants to review and sign it through the app. For California landlords (with more states coming soon), we offer the use of our Tellus lease, a robust document hand-crafted by our lawyers to be one of the most protective leases for landlords in California.

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Upload Pictures for Move-In or Move-Out Inspection

Don’t pay for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Tellus makes it easy to take and upload pictures so that everyone has an accurate record of the conditions of your rental upon move-in and move-out.


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Efficient Communication

Email is inefficient and phone tag is a drag. Communicate faster and more efficiently through our intuitive chat platform where everything is kept in one place. Imagine how much easier it is to have your tenants and everyone helping you in the same group chat! Landlords using Tellus will tell you our app cuts down 90% of rental related emails, phone calls, and text messages. Tellus makes communication effortless so you can enjoy peace of mind.

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Flexible Management Style

Some homeowners are hands-off, letting their property managers take care of the day-to-day tasks. Others want to be the first point of contact, making all important decisions themselves. Still others choose to self-manage. Whatever your style, Tellus can be tailored to suit your needs. Don’t want to be bogged down by notifications? We have a read-only mode for that. Want full control over your rentals? Take advantage of all our features.

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Respond to Tenant Maintenance Tickets

Let tenants submit tickets for necessary repairs. Use Tellus to add your property manager to the conversation or connect directly with the appropriate service provider. Create work orders for jobs that need to be done and mark them as completed.

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Find Reliable Service Providers Through Our Network

Find the perfect service provider to meet your needs. We will leverage our reliable network of local professionals who have a proven record of excellence to help with your project. If they're not available, we'll research and compare quotes from local businesses and help you make the most informed choice.

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Never Forget a Name

If you’re managing multiple units, there’s a lot of information to keep straight. Tellus helps you manage rental contacts with ease. We remind you who lives where and the topic of your last conversation.

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Send Alerts and Other Relevant Messages

Notify your tenants when you need to enter the premises or for any relevant alert. You’ll have a log of everything you’ve sent, including read receipts so you know they’ve seen your message. With Tellus, you can expect responses in minutes, infinitely faster than other forms of notification. No more “not getting the memo.”


Organized management awaits.

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