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Tellus Property Investment
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Tellus Rental Platform

Enjoy the best rental tools at no cost, with no minimum or maximum number of units.

Owners and Landlords

Experience the future of landlording with Tellus. Get the most out of your property with rental insights, loan offers, and automated workflows.

Property Managers

Stay on the ball with detailed organization and easy communication with all stakeholders. Keep everyone in the loop and impress your clients today.


Enjoy stress-free renting with one-tap payments, AutoPay, rent reminders, rental chat, and quick responses to repair requests.

Complete Rental Toolkit

Rental Listings

Don’t know where to find great tenants? We’re here to help. List your property with Tellus and get immediate traffic from the top 16 rental listing sites, including Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. Tellus gives you 4x the leads compared to paid listing competitors so that you can find the best tenant in no time.

Free Tenant Screening

Screening with Tellus is free for all landlords. The tenant pays the screening fee when they submit their application. Get the maximum number of applicants and let us do the homework for you. The screening report includes: background checks, rental and eviction history, credit reports, criminal records, employment and ID verification. You can rest assured that you are making a well-informed decision when choosing a reliable tenant.

Online Rent Collection

Get paid on time, all the time. Tenants have easy payment options with Tellus, including AutoPay, one-tap payments, and splitting rent with roommates. Landlords can block partial payments and assign each property its own bank account. Using a platform built for real estate is the best way to protect your business.

Landlord-Tenant Chat

Chat with your tenants, property manager, co-owner, and handyman. Respond on your own timetable and enjoy the flexibility of taking the conversation with you. All communication through Tellus is backed up to the Cloud for easy access and peace of mind. Tellus is the number one platform for real estate chat.

App Built for Landlords


Smart insight into your rental’s performance.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum

Document Storage

Unlimited cloud-based storage.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum

Cash Out

Unlock your rental’s equity this week.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum


Work together with your entire team.

Invest in Real Estate with a $200 Minimum

Owners and Landlords Thrive

Get Paid on Time

Tellus dramatically decreases the number of late payments. We send your tenant rent reminders and offer AutoPay options for easy transfers straight into your bank account.

Fill Vacancies

Let Tellus do the legwork by syndicating your listing to the top 16 sites. Get leads that same day and find your next best tenant.

Find Quality Tenants

Tenant leads can be invited to fill out a rental application as part of the screening process. Compare your leads with an intuitive interface and make the best decision for your rental.

Collaborate with Your Team

Coordinate with your property manager or enlist the help of a family member. There’s no need to share account information, and data syncs automatically for effortless collaboration.

Organize Your Finances

Get smart insight into your rental yield and see which rentals are the most profitable. Claim all the right tax deductions and never lose a receipt again with Tellus’s one-tap expense tracking. Everything is categorized and stored in the Cloud for easy retrieval.

Enhance Communication

Get instant responses to your questions with an intuitive messaging platform. Tellus gives you read receipts so that you know your tenant got the message.

Property Managers Save Time

Get Paid

Tellus makes it easy for owners to set up recurring payments and reimbursements to their property managers. Get paid through the app and keep excellent records.

One-Tap Expense Tracking

Organize rental expenses with Tellus. Snap a picture of the receipt, enter the amount and category, and then throw the paper receipt away. Everything is backed up to the Cloud and included in your financial reports.

Financial Reports

Create detailed reports with the press of a button to export and share. Data is constantly refreshing, so you can be sure you have the most up to date information.

Full Transparency

Let the owners see all your hard work. Tellus makes it easy for you to loop them into conversations or key decisions.

Easy Communication and Collaboration

Chat with tenants, handymen, co-managers, owners, or anyone else. With the option to make as many group chats as you like, Tellus makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Simple Work Orders

Get through your to-do list with an easy way to organize tickets and work orders. Coordinate maintenance with your entire team or find a service provider through Tellus.

Renters Love Tellus

Pay Rent Online

Skip the checks and envelopes and go green with online payments. Pay rent from your phone with your bank account or credit card and always be on time. Tellus sends you reminders and offers AutoPay options for peace of mind.

Message Your Landlord

Your landlord or manager is just one message away. Make your conversations more lightweight with rental chat and get instant replies to your questions.

Enjoy Speedy Repairs

We help your landlord make repairs quickly. Submit maintenance requests from your phone and add anyone you need to the conversation.

Request Reimbursement

If you pay the plumber or buy something for the rental property, Tellus makes it easy to request reimbursement from your landlord. No more waiting to deduct it from your next rent check.

Why use Tellus?

We believe Tellus will revolutionize the way you manage your properties. Here are some ways we stand out:

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We believe in helping landlords without sacrificing quality. Tellus Rental Platform is free for landlords, tenants, and property managers, with no minimum or maximum number of units.

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Forget having to share account information. Tellus syncs rental data for everyone on your team for a seamless management experience.

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Go ahead and cut the cord. We know life keeps you busy, which is why it’s important to have access to your data wherever you are.

Tellus Property Investment

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