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Take your property with you anywhere

Manage your property as if you lived next door. No matter where you are, Tellus lets you keep close tabs on your rentals.

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Using Tellus is like having ten assistants working to make your life easier.

Keep everything organized, always stay in the loop, and save hours of time each week. Our stringent security settings mean your data is always safe with us.

How It Works
Pricing & Comparison

Tellus is free to use for landlords, property managers, and tenants. Learn more about how this works.

Pricing & Feature Comparison
Why Tellus?

Keep Tabs on Your Property

Manage your rentals as if you lived next door.


Simple Automation

Outsource repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant.


Real Time Rental Insight

Up to date view on your cash flow and the status of each unit.


Ditch the Rent Checks

Rent goes straight to your bank account, on time, automatically.


No Manual Needed

Add your lease details in minutes and let Tellus do the rest.

Invest in your business