Don’t let an empty unit put a dent in your cash flow. List with Tellus and find new tenants in a heartbeat.

Rental Listing

Find New Tenants

Experienced landlords will tell you a vacant unit is a huge loss of potential income. Tenant turnover can leave owners and property managers struggling to find new ways to attract quality applicants to their rentals. Tellus can help.

With just one written description of your property, Tellus will create a beautiful listing for you, saving you hours of time. There’s no separate app needed, and it’s easy to create a listing in minutes. Construct individual listings for each rental unit and store the data in Tellus so you can use it again. Co-owners or helpers can also assist you with your listings.

Maximum Reach

Maximum Reach

When you create a listing through Tellus, we guarantee maximum reach to people who want to rent from you. With most renters today preferring to find their next apartment online, Tellus makes sure your property gets noticed on the sites where people are looking. Your listing will show up on over a dozen hot markets.

Tenant Leads

Tenant Leads

Once you have interest in your property, you can invite prospective tenants to fill out an application online. After they submit their applications, a thorough screening process begins. Tellus partners with Naborly to deliver screening for you and your applicants. Tenants are screened for credit reports, rental and eviction history, criminal background, employment and identity verification.

All reports and results from the screenings show up in the app under Tenant Leads. There you can compare your applicants, review the information, and take private notes on individual applications. Applicants you accept can be invited to sign a lease through Tellus.

Simplify your rental experience