Getting Started for Landlords

For landlords, owners, and managers looking to get set up with Tellus, here’s a quick guide to some of our most common onboarding questions.

  • What’s the purpose in adding a home?

    Everything in Tellus is centered around the home. Once you add a home to Tellus, you can start tracking expenses, collecting rent, and communicating with tenants. Setting up your rental properties is simple; just search for properties by address. If you can’t find your property, please contact us and we’ll add it right away.

  • How do I invite my tenants?

    It’s easy to add tenants when you set up your lease with Tellus. We will give you the option to search your address book, input contact information manually, or scan a QR code if the person is already on Tellus. When you choose to invite your tenants, we send them an invite (either by email or text message depending on what information you provided to us) to join Tellus.

  • Will the app still work even if I don’t invite tenants?

    Absolutely. Many homeowners who don’t rent their homes choose to use Tellus for the expense tracking features. Our app provides a convenient way to keep all receipts, invoices, and bills in one place. Use Tellus to track mortgage payments, home improvements, or any other relevant information about the property.

    If you are a landlord using Tellus and choose not to invite your tenants, you can still track rent and generate reports. Simply snap a picture of the check and keep it with your files. You can mark rent as paid and report it as a credit.

  • How do I collect rent?

    We will walk you through some basic questions, such as how much is monthly rent, when it’s due, and when your lease started. Advanced features include setting up automatic late fees, other recurring fees, a security deposit, or any additional clauses to your lease. During this process, you have the option of adding tenants, owners, or property managers. At the end, you can either save the lease as a draft or invite your tenants and start collecting rent.

  • How do I set up a bank account?

    Select “My Wallet.” The easiest way to set up your bank account is to find your bank from our list of trusted financial institutions and log in with your online banking credentials (your username and password).

    If your bank does not appear on our list, or if you wish to verify your account without online banking credentials, you can input your account and routing numbers. Once we receive this information, Tellus will send you two micro-deposits for you to report back to us as part of our verification process.

    Logging in with your online banking credentials verifies your account instantly. Verifying your account through micro-deposits takes up to 48 hours.

    We take your financial security very seriously. Tellus partners with Plaid to deliver encrypted, private transactions that are never shared with third parties. If you have questions, please visit our Security page.


Simplify your rental experience.

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