Pick and choose what you want to use. All features are available for your own personal customization.

Security Deposit

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tellus's platform is as simple or advanced as you want it to be. Some users want to jump right in, exploring all features at the same time. Others want to dip a toe in first, testing out one feature or unit on the app before committing to the rest.

Whatever your situation, Tellus delivers access to a powerful suite of tools to customize as you see fit. We don’t force anyone into using features they don’t want just to enjoy the app. Everything is available, but not mandatory. Tellus can grow and change as your business does.

Because our platform is fully customizable, Tellus can integrate seamlessly into your workflow. With a full set of features and easy options, possibilities abound.

Some owners will use the app only for expense tracking. Others are landlords who want the full experience with a signed lease, rent collection, communication, and financial documentation. Still others prefer to use Tellus only for communication, and collect rent the way they always had before.

You can use Tellus however you want. All the features are available to you to pick and choose from as you see fit.

Expense Tracking

Management Style

Tellus is designed with the flexibility to fit all kinds of management styles.

  • A DIY landlord who self-manages the property
  • A landlord who sometimes enlists the help of friends and family
  • A landlord using a property manager for showings
  • A landlord working with a property manager or co-owner as a team
  • A hands-off landlord who lets one or more property managers run the day-to-day

Whatever your management style, Tellus can handle it. We give you the flexibility to include whoever you would like in a conversation.

Expense Tracking

Lease Options

Landlord-tenant law varies drastically by state, and the lease must reflect the nuances. Tellus gives you the option to incorporate any clause, addenda, or feature to your lease.

Tellus will help you collect security deposits, charge late fees, add a pet policy, set up recurring fees, pro-rate rent, or add any other feature to your contract.

For landlords looking to set up their lease agreement through Tellus, we will walk you through basic questions about your lease to be sure we have all the information necessary to begin helping you enforce your policies.

Expense Tracking

Different Payment Methods

Tellus gives you the flexibility to pay and receive funds however it’s most convenient. Whether you want to rack up airline miles with your credit card or prefer to use your bank account, Tellus gives you options.

Tenants and landlords have the convenience of choosing different payment methods without affecting how rent is received.

Tellus currently accepts payments through ACH transfer, credit/debit cards, WeChat Pay, or Alipay. Venmo and Paypal are coming soon!

Simplify your rental experience