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Now, earn at least 5.00% APY with a Boost account

Now, earn at least 5.00% APY with a Boost Account


You’ve probably heard that the Fed raised rates again, which is good news for savers. Especially those with a Tellus Boost Account, now earning at least 5.00% APY.

We typically raise rates in tandem with the Fed to keep your money working as hard as possible for you.

Starting today, earn a base of 5.00% APY with a Boost Account.

That’s up from 4.50% APY, and it’s just the base rate. The Boost Account gives you daily opportunities to claim Boost rewards and earn even more.

With Boost, you have total control of your money.

  • Transfer as much cash into your account as you want
  • Withdraw anytime
  • Get cash rewards daily
  • Never pay fees

We also raised the rate of our 3-month Vault from 4.75% APY to 5.10% APY. With Vaults, you lock up your money for a set term in exchange for a higher rate. Still no fees, and your money grows every day.

Table showing newly raised Tellus rates. Now, Boost earns 5.00% APY and a 3-month Vault earns 5.10% APY

This is the responsible way to build wealth.

We don’t want you to build wealth at all costs — we want to help you do so without sacrificing your security. We use your deposits to fund wholesale business-purpose residential real estate loans, then share our revenue with you in the form of cash rewards.

You could be earning more as you read this.

Regardless of whether you have a lot or a little to put away, a Boost Account is a smart option for managing your cash. It’s free to use and easy to sign up.

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