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In the past, communication between landlords, managers, and tenants took place with emails, phone calls, and text messages. These forms of communication are inefficient and overwhelming for those managing a large number of units. Tellus simplifies the process with an intuitive chat platform. Different chats can be created for the appropriate groups, for example:

  • A manager or landlord who wants to chat with tenants in a unit
  • Roommates who want to chat among themselves
  • An owner and manager who need to discuss logistics with each other
  • Co-managers or co-owners who want a separate management chat

Everything is kept in one place for optimal organization. No longer do managers and landlords need to wade through old emails and text messages to remember what was said. Not only is chat a comprehensive archive, it’s also a searchable database so that you can find what you’re looking for with ease.

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Chat Dynamics

We find that having everyone available through chat drastically improves the communication dynamic between landlords, managers, and tenants. Out of the users we surveyed, most tenants said having a chat platform made talking with their landlord less intimidating. Landlords and managers said the platform made communication with tenants easier and significantly cut down on the flood of phone calls, emails, and text messages. Everyone noticed the faster response times. With other forms of communication, it would take hours (or even longer) to receive responses. With Tellus, it takes minutes.

Managers and owners can stay more organized by having all rental related communication in one place. Tenants generally prefer communicating through an app on their phones. Owners using property managers can still be included in chats to stay informed about the day-to-day details. Managers can use chats to keep owners in the loop without having to file reports.

Furthermore, all communication through Tellus is backed up to the Cloud. This way, everyone has a record of all decisions and notices, and all parties are held accountable. Greater transparency means better relationships.

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Notices and Alerts

Landlords and managers need a reliable way to notify tenants for a variety of circumstances:

  • They need to give notice to enter the unit
  • They have a service provider coming
  • There is a late payment
  • There is a change in policy
  • In case of an emergency

All of these situations can be covered by communicating through Tellus Home Chat. We send read receipts so that landlords and managers can be assured that tenants got the message.

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Sometimes a tenant is proactive with making changes to the property. They might do repairs themselves, replace broken fixtures, or update a paint job. Tellus is the fastest reimbursement tool for tenants and property managers. We want to make it easy for tenants to request reimbursement for the money they spent and for managers and owners to send them funds instantly, without having to wait until the next rent payment. Easy transfers, easy record-keeping.

All reimbursement requests are submitted through Tellus Home Chat. Tenants can add photos and notes to show managers and owners what sort of improvements were made. Owners and managers have the option of approving or denying the request. If a request is approved, the funds are withdrawn from the landlord’s preferred payment account and given to the tenant. The tenant can deposit the cash into their bank account at any time. Approved reimbursements are logged automatically as an expense in the landlord or manager’s Ledger.

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Tickets and Work Orders

Keeping a unit in top condition should be a priority for everyone. Tenants, owners, and property managers can easily notify each other of necessary repairs through Tellus Home Chat. The process looks like this:

  • Tenants create tickets for any needed repairs. The option to add notes and pictures tells a more complete story about what needs to be done.
  • Landlords and managers will be promptly notified of any created tickets. Upon seeing them, they have the option to create a work order.
  • Tenants will see the created work order and know when to expect someone to come fix the problem.

For more information, visit our Work Orders page.

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