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Get quick access to spending cash for a remodel, investment property, college tuition, or anything you need.

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Enjoy lower interest rates and pay down credit card debt, medical debt, or student loans.

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Treat your home like a revolving line of credit where you can access your funds whenever you want.

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Get great rates regardless of credit score.

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Pay back the loan early and save on interest.

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Rental properties receive the same great rates with Tellus.

How to Cash Out Your Equity

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Create Your Home Profile

Receive the best loan offers from investors by making your home stand out. Complete your home profile with property information and photos.

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Get Approved

Apply with a digital application and get an answer within 24 hours. Review and accept your loan terms online.

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Get Funded

Access your money within 7 business days. Make monthly payments or pay off the full balance early to save on interest.

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