Your credit score is just a number

What if you could tap into your biggest financial asset? Treat your home like a bank account where you can withdraw funds and pay them back with low interest rates.


    Traditional Borrowing

  • Real estate is an illiquid asset
  • Mountains of loan application paperwork
  • Access funds weeks later
  • High interest rates from hard money lenders
  • Credit score disqualifies you

    Borrowing with Tellus

  • Turn home equity into cash
  • Simple, 2-minute digital application
  • Access funds within 3 business days
  • Low interest rates
  • Property value is what’s relevant, not credit

How will you use your home equity?

  • Home remodel
  • Dream vacation
  • College tuition
  • Buy an investment property
  • Pay off student loans
  • Medical bills
  • Credit card debt

There when you need it

Don’t miss out just because you were waiting on the banks. Get your money quickly with competitive interest rates and a no-fuss application.


It’s the fastest loan you’ll ever get

Hate paperwork? We do too. That’s why we went digital to offer you the simplest loan application ever.

How It Works

Apply with the world’s simplest application.


If approved, receive the funds in your bank account within three business days.


Make payments every two weeks.

We currently only lend to homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Unshackle your property