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Tellus Rundown: June 2019

June 2019: Get a quick and easy overview of the best posts of the month.

Rochelle Langam
Rochelle Langam

Tellus loves writing great content about everything real estate. Don't worry if you missed last month's posts. We made this roundup especially for you!

1. Advice for First Time Home Buyers

The process of buying a home can be exciting and stressful, so we put together a nice outline of the process and included valuable tips to help first-time home buyers achieve this important milestone.

2. Mortgage Types 101

There are many types of home mortgages available on the market today. Finding the best one is a tedious process. We introduced the most common types, such as conventional and government-insured loans, and examined some of their requirements.

3. Top 10 Tips for New Landlords

We know that running a rental property business is overwhelming, but we also believe that it is a rewarding experience. To help owners get the most out of their properties, we shared 10 helpful tips and the value that Tellus brings to them as a go-to real estate management app.

4. Home Renovations with the Highest Return on Investment for 2019

Not all home renovation projects are created equal, so we shared ten that have the best return on investment at a home's resale.

We're off to a Great Start

Thank you for reading the best of June! We’re starting July off with a bang by releasing some major news! See what's new for Tellus or tune in next month for the next Tellus Rundown.