How does Tellus transform your savings into passive income?

Step 1

Make a deposit

The Tellus app is mobile, seamless and 100% free. It takes 3 minutes to get set up and make your first deposit. You’ll receive your first interest payout the same day.
Step 2

We’ll put your money to work.

We generate returns by providing residential loans to borrowers in some of the country’s most stable real estate markets. Our mortgages are always sufficiently collateralized and the interest comes back to you as daily passive income. A Tellus account pays more than 13x the average savings account.
Learn how we put your money to work
Step 3

Keep an eye on your earnings

With Tellus, you’re always in control. Our mobile app gives you a full view of your daily earnings, and your money can be pulled out whenever you need it.

Our California-based customer service team is here to assist when you need to speak with a human.
Step 4

Boost, Budget
& Automate

Tellus helps you budget your money, set goals and accelerate your savings. Organize and automate your saving into buckets with Stacks. Claim free daily Boosts to increase your interest rate.
Step 5

Cash out

Your interest is paid out daily and your money is always 100% liquid. It costs nothing to use Tellus and you can pull your money out at anytime.



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