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Earn 3.00% APY with the Tellus Boost Account

Earn 3.00% APY* with Tellus Boost

Interest Compounded Daily

No Hoops or Gimmicks

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How It Works

Anyone should get a reasonable rate of return if they want it. That's why we've made high-yield savings available to everyone, no matter how much they have.


Set up and add funds to your Tellus Boost Account in under 5 minutes.


Watch your money compound and grow daily with 3.00% APY*.


Boost your rate up to 6.00% APY with rewards, quizzes, and more.

You Deserve More.

Earn 60x the FDIC National Average
Earn 3.00% APY with the Tellus Boost Account

You work hard for your money. Don't get stuck between the pitiful rates of regular savings accounts and risking everything in volatile markets for a decent return.

Our mission is to empower everyday people to make more money and build their wealth. Unlike many financial institutions that pay savers less to continue making money, we share our profits so you earn more.

What Do Our Users Say?

Great Rate, Great Opportunity

“Tellus has become an absolutely fantastic opportunity. I’m already getting a much better savings rate than the banks."

— Jimmy S on the App Store

I'm So Thankful

“Signing up was easy, customer service is prompt, I love the daily quizzes...and I love that my interest compounds daily.”

— Zanetta M on Google Play

Overall Great Savings App

“I have most of my excess money in this app...I like how interactive it is and I try to log on everyday to get the boost cards.”

— Erickbg2012 on the App Store

The Real Deal

"If you're someone who's interested in having a savings account working harder for you then definitely consider Tellus."

— Maurice on Google Play

Great Savings Rates

“I began using the Tellus for the incredible APY that is paid out daily. I stayed for the amazing customer service and the financial literacy.”

— albeho on the App Store

Great Extra Savings App

“I use it to put money so that I can leave it alone for a good
amount of time.”

— Matt H on Google Play