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7 Tips to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Even if organizing isn't your thing, these tips will help you start to feel settled in your new place in no time.

Kate Mallison
Kate Mallison

Moving isn’t easy, and the first week in an unfamiliar space can leave anyone feeling disoriented. Here are some tips to help any space start to feel like home.

Start Cleaning

Even if your landlord had the apartment cleaned before you move in, it’s still a good idea to make sure everything is up to your standards. Check for grime on window sills and in forgotten corners, dust the blinds and furniture one more time, and wipe down the kitchen counters.

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Add Some Light

A simple lamp can help warm up any room, especially if the overhead lights are either too dim or glaringly bright. Choose the right arrangement to lighten up or soften your space as you see fit.

Organize One Room

When you start to unpack, choose one room to focus on first. Arrange the furniture, pull out pillows and throws, and organize the space so that it's familiar and relaxing. When other rooms are still disorganized, this space can be a touchstone to help you start to feel more settled.

Adopt a Plant

Houseplants breathe new life into a space, purifying the air and helping all of us relax. Choose some succulents, English ivy, or a spider plant that will be easy to care for.

Choose a Fragrance

Some people have a favorite type of incense or scented candle that makes them feel comfortable and at home. Now is the time to use the same fragrance and make those associations work for your new place.

Cook a Meal

The simple act of preparing food can make a strange kitchen start to seem more familiar. Start with an easy favorite and then move on to more complicated recipes as you settle in.

Display Your Keepsakes

Whether you collect art, books, figurines, or something else, make sure to display these mementos front and center. Even when everything else is in chaos, seeing these keepsakes will make you smile.

Final Word

Getting settled is a process, but these simple steps can make a world of difference to help you start to feel at home in no time.

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