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New, higher rates: Sit back and earn even more


Looking to build wealth this year? Here’s how rate hikes by the Fed could help you earn up to 17x the national average.

There was a lot of noise last year around the Federal Reserve, aka the Fed, the bank responsible for keeping the U.S. economy stable. In 2022, it raised interest rates many times to make borrowing money more expensive with an eye on curbing inflation. A rate increase from the Fed acts as a signal for banks and financial institutions to increase their rates, too.

This can be a problem if you’re paying off debt because you’ll face higher interest rates on your loans or credit cards. But if you’re looking to grow your savings, a rate increase by the Fed could make your day…or your year.

Now, earn at least 4.50% APY with a Boost account.

Starting today, we’re raising the base rate for our popular Tellus Boost account from 3.95% to 4.50% APY. That’s one of the highest savings rates around — and it’s just the base. With a Boost account, you have plenty of opportunities to temporarily raise your APY by doing simple things like logging in daily, answering quizzes correctly, and completing challenges.

Take your APY even higher with Vaults.

If you plan on setting aside money in savings for more than a couple of months, you could get up to 5.90% APY by creating a Vault. With Vaults, you lock-up your money for 3 to 24 months in exchange for higher rates. Along with increasing the base rate for a Boost account, we've also raised rates on all Vaults so you can rack up even more interest.

The Reserve account will stay strong at a mighty 5.50% APY.

Opening an account in the Tellus app is quick, easy, and won’t impact your credit score. There are never any fees, and you can withdraw your money whenever you want. Even better, you’ll see an interest payment pop up in your account every single day. That’s unlike most other savings options that only pay interest once a month.

A financial decision to feel good about.

If you have a savings account with a traditional bank, you’re probably leaving money on the table with next-to-nothing APYs. Even high-yield savings accounts from most neobanks are tapping out below 4.00% APY.

And while crypto and the stock market may promise higher yields, they’re also riskier. Not to mention, those strategies take a lot more work and attention to consistently build wealth.

With Tellus, you can be confident you’re making a smart and responsible financial decision that’ll keep your savings on the up and up. Your money will automatically grow faster from a higher APY, and you don’t need to do a thing. Plus, you’re always covered by Tellus’ Triple Layer Protection.

Don’t miss another day of earning interest. Open an account now to fast-track your savings goals.

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