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We’ve made it easier to manage your Boost rewards.

New feature: Boost queue

Kyle Joyal

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that lets you seamlessly extend your Boosted APY. Introducing Boost Queue

How does the Boost Queue work? 

With Boost Queue, you can “queue” your earned Boosts, allowing you to select the next Boost to be automatically activated when your current Boost expires. No more daily logins; to claim extra APY, simply earn Boosts and place them “In queue” to extend your Boosted APY. You can move Boosts in and out of your queue as you’d like, giving you complete control over what Boost to activate and when. 

How do I use the Boost Queue?

  1. Open your wallet in the app and tap the Boost card.
  2. Tap “Boost Rewards” to see your earned Boost.
  3. Select a Boost to activate immediately.
  4. Select a Boost to place “In queue.” 

Don’t like the Boost you currently have active? 

You can now tap on an active Boost to expire your active reward, giving you the flexibility to select  another Boost to take its place. 

Pro tip: Queue your Boost according to expiration date. You want to earn all the additional APY you can, and once a Boost expires it doesn’t come back.

Open the app by tapping or scanning the QR code below try the Boost queue out for yourself.

Tap or Scan to open the app