Real Estate Wallet

Your real estate finances are finally accessible in one convenient location.

Top-Notch Payment Processing

Here’s what you can do with Tellus:

  • Invest in fractions of real estate debt
  • Take out a home equity loan
  • Pay or collect rent
  • Enforce late fees
  • Collect security deposits
  • Earn interest on your balance
  • Make reimbursements
  • Pay the gardener, plumber, house cleaner, or anyone else

Unlike alternative payment methods, Tellus helps you keep flawless records automatically with each payment sent or received.

Payment Security

Tellus uses Plaid for payment processing. All your personal financial information is encrypted end-to-end and is never made accessible to Tellus. Plaid regularly undergoes third-party testing and review and is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified (the most stringent level of payment security certification).

A Powerful Platform

Using Tellus to send and receive rent payments is safer and more powerful than Venmo or PayPal. Unlike Peer-to-Peer payment methods with low transfer limits, Tellus is designed for the serious investor. There are no transfer limits, and it’s easy to make payments and keep great records on a platform created for real estate.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay with your bank account with no added charges, or use a credit or debit card for a 3.4% fee. WeChat Pay and Alipay are also available.

Using Tellus for your real estate payments means you have the flexibility to choose which payment method works best for you. Use a credit card one month to earn extra points, and then switch back to a bank. Change your default payment option at any time.

Fast Bank Transfers

Tellus operates on a tiered system to protect our users and help you get your money faster.

1. Your first recurring payment needs to be verified by our payment processor. It will go through in 5-6 business days.

2. Your second recurring payment will be expedited (3-4 business days) because your previous transaction has already been verified.

3. Your third recurring payment establishes a verified pattern. Your transactions will now go through in 2 business days.

Once you have at least three payments through Tellus, getting paid each month will be a breeze.

Earn Interest

If you decide to leave your money in Tellus, we pay you 0.75% APR* compounded monthly on your average balance for the month.

Treat your Wallet like a savings account and let your money start working for you.

*rate varies

Flawless Records

All your real estate transactions are logged in one location for easy access. See rent roll, income-expense reports, or interest and balance statements at the touch of a button.


TellusCash is our in-app currency you can treat just like cash. Use it to pay rent, reimburse people, or send it to a friend. You can spend or withdraw it at any time. 1 TellusCash = 1 USD

Topping up your TellusCash in the Wallet gives you a greater balance to earn more interest. You can also use your TellusCash balance to make lightning-fast payments! Any payments made with TellusCash are instantaneous; no need to wait for processing!

Ready to try it out? Download the app and simplify your rental experience.