Earn up to 6% APY
on your idle balance sheet cash

Tellus Treasury is a high-yield cash management service for small business. We power your balance sheet with predictive cash flow from real estate loans, helping you get the most out of your idle cash.

Don’t let your cash position hold you back

Small businesses, funds, and startups often lack the time and know-how to optimize the idle cash on their balance sheets.

Putting this money to work in a Tellus Treasury account can generate a predictive stream of durable interest income for your business and maximize returns on your cash.

Above chart is for illustrative purposes only. Annual Percentage Yield ("APY") for Tellus savings products may change at any time. Tellus is not a bank.

Introducing Tellus Treasury

High-yield cash management,
without fees or volatility

Image about Tellus serious protection where it says that for every $1 of your money Tellus has at least $ 1.35 in real assetsImage about Tellus serious protection where it says that for every $1 of your money Tellus has at least $ 1.35 in real assets

Your deposits are protected by our balance sheet

Tellus targets 80% LTV¹ for all loans and 10% cash reserves held aside, meaning each $1 deposited is backed by $1.30 of Tellus assets. All of our loans are reviewed under strict underwriting guidelines.
¹ Tellus targets ratios for all their loans but property values are subject to value fluctuations.

100% payout success history

Where your money goes

Your deposits are pooled on our balance sheet and invested in short duration mortgages, collateralized by high quality borrowers and properties.

Here are some of the
borrowers we finance

Bay Area, CA


Principal Account Executive residing in Bay Area, CA.

Work experience

Has worked in hardware and software sales in Technology industry for 20+ years.


Wants to qualify for loan exceeding DTI limits due to cyclical income.

Sunnyvale, CA


High income VP/General Counsel residing in Sunnyvale, CA.

Work experience

Has worked as a GC for 4 major S&P 500 companies for 30+ years, significant experience in various facets of corporate law.


Wants to obtain loans that qualify for faster underwriting to take advantage of immediate real estate opportunities.

Start earning with
Tellus Treasury today

Example scenario

Earned interest is paid at the time of withdrawal.

$2.0M @ 2.799% for (189/365) days

+$ 29,197

$500K @ 4.698% for (731/365) days

+$ 51,592

$600K @ 4.099% for (1,096/365) days

+$ 99,264

Net Interest Income

+$ 180,053

About Tellus

Tellus is a financial technology company founded in 2016. Our mission is to make passive income products accessible to all.

We are proudly backed by Andreesen Horowitz and manage over $60 million in assets.