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You shouldn’t have to be tied to your computer. Free your rentals with mobile management!

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A New Model of Management

Imagine you’re on vacation, relaxing on the beach when you get a frantic phone call. It’s your tenant, and it’s an emergency. A pipe is leaking water everywhere. So what do you do?

If you’re self-managing, you would need to go back to your hotel, pull out your computer, remember which unit this tenant is in, and find a plumber. Once you have someone willing to do the work, there’s still the matter of coordinating schedules (usually with a game of phone tag), and figuring out a way to pay them or have your tenant pay and reimburse them later. This means more emails, more phone tag, and the beach is farther away than ever.

With Tellus, it’s a different story.

When you get that frantic phone call on the beach, you simply open the app and with a few taps, our Support Team is mobilized. Leveraging our network of reliable professionals, Tellus presents you with several quotes within minutes, and you choose the best option. Within seconds, you create a work order to let your tenants know someone will be coming, and then you continue to enjoy the beach. You know you can easily pay the plumber or reimburse your tenant within the app.

The question is why would you ever want to manage your rental any other way?

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A New Way of Renting

As a tenant, have you ever stopped yourself from asking your landlord a question because the seriousness of composing an email felt outsized compared to your small question? Or have you taken a picture of something that needed to be fixed and struggled to find an appropriate way to send that picture to your landlord?

Well, that’s about to change!

Now that you can communicate directly with your landlord through a chat on your mobile phone, your conversation will instantly become lightweight and travel with you wherever you go. Sending pictures is as easy as taking them, and you’ll never have to check your email for a response ever again.

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Accessibility for Managers

Go ahead and cut the cord. We know that life never slows down. So you shouldn’t have to make time to be at your computer to manage your rentals. Tellus travels with you, giving you the freedom and the power to manage wherever you go.

You could be in Unit A overseeing a repair while chatting with residents in Unit B at the same time. You could take that vacation you’ve always wanted and not have to worry about cutting it short for an emergency.

Mobile management saves you time. Tellus keeps everything organized and functions like a personal assistant to make your life easier. Best of all, this personal assistant is available for free at your fingertips.

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On-The-Go Solutions for Tenants

Life is busy. Not everyone has time to play phone tag or compose long-winded emails. Tellus is built for the way you live.

Imagine having your landlord or manager accessible in chat for immediate responses in emergencies. Or if you’re out and about and realize that rent is due, payment is just a tap away.

Tellus takes out all the headache of renting and saves you time. We send you reminders for things that need to be done and make sure that the people you need to talk to are only one message away.

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Notifications for Owners and Managers

To save you time and energy, Tellus notifies you of any new developments with your rentals. Instead of needing to check your bank account to see if rent was paid, we let you know. You'll receive an alert the instant your tenant initiates a payment and when the payment goes through, or if they forget to pay on time. And if a tenant forgets to pay on time, you’ll be notified immediately. Tellus will make sure you’re aware of new messages in chat and any tickets or work orders for a unit.

If you are logged into the app, our default alert is a push notification to your phone. If you are not logged in, Tellus uses email and text messages as a backup, so that you can be sure to get the message.

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Notifications for Tenants

We want to save you time and keep you from forgetting important deadlines. Tellus will remind you when it’s time to pay rent, when a scheduled AutoPay will be deducted, when reimbursements are coming your way, and when a manager has seen your ticket for that pesky plumbing issue.

If you are logged in to the app, our default alert is a push notification to your phone. If you are not logged in, Tellus uses email and text messages as a backup, so that you can be sure to get the message.

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Communication at Your Fingertips

Good communication is everything in a successful rental. Our entire system hinges upon a powerful chat. In the past, email, phone calls, and in-person visits were primary methods of handling rental related communication. With Tellus's rental-specific chat platform, communication between tenants, landlords, and managers is easier than texting. Since all communication comes through the app, everything is stored in one place. Rental messages are not commingled with personal ones like they might be with normal text messages, allowing you to focus solely on the rental experience.

The communication platform is a critical difference between Tellus and competitors. Over the years, we have seen the way open communication has transformed the relationship between landlords and tenants in a positive way. The key is making communication easier than it used to be. With mobile chat, everyone becomes instantly more accessible and available; the average response time takes minutes instead of hours or days.

Simplify your rental experience