Investing Reimagined

Why let your money rot in your bank account when you could be earning higher returns? Invest in fractions of residential real estate debt with real property as collateral.

    The way it’s always been done

  • Iron-clad contracts of 12 months or more
  • Returns given every quarter
  • Funds are tied up in one or two properties

    Investing with Tellus

  • Flexibility to sell or trade at any time
  • Returns given each day
  • Invest in dozens of properties for easy diversification

How It Works

Take a look behind the scenes and see how you could be earning solid returns each day.
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No lockup periods, complete flexibility

We believe investors should have more flexibility with their own money. Why suffer through year-long contracts that tie you down regardless of performance? Investing with Tellus gives you unlimited transparency and full access to your funds.


Backed, secured, better than the bank

Put your money to work and get higher interest rates than any bank. All investments are backed by real property as collateral, so you know your investment is secure.


Daily returns

There’s no waiting for results; interest earned on your investments is deposited into your Tellus account daily. Leave it there to earn additional 0.75% APR (rate varies), or transfer it to your bank at any time.



Investing in residential real estate used to mean putting your money in one place. Investing with Tellus means you can diversify your portfolio across dozens of properties. With a starting investment of $250, we’re making real estate investing more accessible.

Build your wealth through real estate