Updated March 29th, 2023

How does Tellus pay such high interest rates?

Tellus’ simple cash account products harness the power of real estate to turn your savings into passive income. Our smart savings platform makes it possible for anyone to enjoy an exceptional return on their cash without requiring you to be in the stock or crypto markets.

We earn our money by providing mortgages to borrowers in some of the country’s most stable real estate markets. These mortgages are secured by residential real estate properties. Tellus mortgages are typically 12-18 month loans and are always sufficiently collateralized. We hold these loans on our balance sheet, and they generate a predictable stream of income for us. Our property management platform provides both a distribution pipeline for these mortgages and proprietary data that help us predict cash flow and home values so we can better manage the risk of our loan portfolio.

Unlike main street banks and financial institutions, Tellus does not operate brick and mortar retail locations, which further helps to reduce our operating expenses and pass that value onto our customers in the form of high interest rates.

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