Updated August 2nd, 2022

Troubleshooting ACH transfer errors

Tellus partners with fraud prevention solutions to help keep bad actors from depositing funds with Tellus. These partnerships also allow normal customers to securely deposit and withdraw funds via ACH. Sometimes these partners get it wrong. 

Correcting these common pitfalls may help you complete your ACH transfer successfully.  

Make sure you provided a regularly used email

Perhaps you provided an email to Tellus that you never use. Our fraud partners may not be able to connect your seldom used email address to the proper online identity. Please ensure you provide an email that you’ve used regularly in the last year before attempting another ACH deposit. 

Make sure your address is updated with your bank 

If you’ve moved but your banking institution has a different address on file than you provided to Tellus this can contribute to a failed ACH deposit.  

Make sure you don’t use a VPN

If your IP address is showing up in London, but your home address is in Kansas City, this can appear suspicious to our fraud prevention tools. Try turning off your VPN before attempting another ACH deposit. 

Try reducing the amount of your first deposit

Are you a new user looking to make a first deposit over $20,000? We’ve found successfully completing a smaller deposit first and working your way up to a larger deposit amounts can reduce the likelihood of generating deposit errors. Try completing a first deposit of less than 10,000 and working your way up. 

Make sure you use your own bank account

Please make sure you use your own bank account. If you use your spouse or relatives account there's a high chance this deposit will fail to process. 

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