Digital Lease

Your lease is the foundation to a good rental experience. Save time by going digital. Upload a lease or invite tenants to sign one through Tellus.

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Upload a Lease

Leases are state specific, and many landlords have a precise idea of what they want their lease to look like. If you have an existing lease you’re already using, we make it easy to upload it.

In order to start helping you enforce the policies in your lease, Tellus will walk you through some basic questions about the information in your contract. Our platform comes with the flexibility to handle whatever clause you can create.

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Use a Tellus Lease

For landlords who do not already have a lease they wish to upload, Tellus offers the complimentary use of our own digital lease, hand-crafted by our lawyers to be one of the most protective documents for landlords in California.

Once you enter your lease information, you will be able to invite tenants to sign it digitally. Everyone keeps a current copy at their fingertips.

Although this option is only available to California landlords for now, we are rapidly expanding and will have more state specific leases soon.

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Clauses Covered

Whether it’s your own lease or a Tellus lease, our platform allows for any type of clause a landlord may need to include:

  • Monthly rent and due date
  • Contract start and end dates
  • Prorated rent
  • Security deposit
  • Other deposits
  • Late fees
  • Liability clauses
  • Pet policies
  • Smoking policies
  • Recurring fees
  • Any other addenda
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Signing and Updating a Lease

Once a landlord’s Tellus lease is set up, they can invite the tenant to digitally sign. This is a legally binding document in full effect from the moment of signing. Any updates must be agreed upon by both parties in writing through Tellus Home Chat.

If there are updates to be made and both parties are in agreement, landlords and managers have the option of submitting a new version of the lease for signing. Tellus keeps a record of all lease versions and when they were in effect. If there are any disagreements, everyone has access to a version history and will know which policies were valid at which time.

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Benefits of a Digital Lease

A digital lease means quick access. Whether it’s to look up a policy or double check your information, having your lease readily available saves you time. Never worry about losing this important document, since all files stored in Tellus are backed up to the Cloud.

Tellus reminds landlords when their lease is about to expire. For landlords and tenants who want to renew the lease, Tellus makes it possible to do so with just one click. Forget about emailing files or having to meet in person to sign it for another term. In the rental business, we know time is money, and we’re serious about simplifying the process.

Organized management awaits.