Customer Service

Customer Service

Experience the difference of a white-glove service team that truly cares.

Our Approach

At Tellus, we succeed when you do, so we’ve made ourselves available to help you on this journey. We think excellent customer service is something that should be free and always available. You should never have to pay for answers or wait several days for an email reply.

We believe in communication, so much so that our entire rental management platform hinges on it. Similarly, good communication is woven into everything we do in Customer Service.

Our approach is conversational. We are always willing to chat with you to find out what you need and how we can help you get it.

Whether you’re just getting set up and need help getting started, or if you’re a long-time customer taking advantage of advanced features, Tellus is here to make your life easier.

Setup and Onboarding

Some managers don’t want to make the switch to mobile based management because they feel like they “don’t need another app.”

If you ask us, our team will personally walk you through the app and teach you how to use it. We’ll go step by step, asking about your goals for using Tellus so that we can emphasize the features you really need.

Whether or not you’ve used mobile apps for your rentals before, transitioning between systems can be daunting. Maybe you’re going from a paper trail to digital, or perhaps you’ve been using another management software and want to switch to Tellus.

Whatever your situation, our five-star customer service representatives will work with you for however long it takes to get your data set up. Whether you’re managing five units or 500, we will help you get your information organized so that you can start to feel the freedom that comes from mobile management.

A Helping Hand

Using Tellus Support Chat is like having a personal assistant. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get on the job!

If you are looking for tenants for your vacant unit, we will list your property on over fifteen websites. Our Tellus Listing Consultants will help you create the perfect ad, reviewing your description and giving you recommendations to make your property shine.

If you need a service professional for a home related project, let us save you time by doing all the legwork of coordinating schedules and getting quotes. You’ll surprised at how quickly tenant tickets for repairs get resolved.


The easiest way to contact us is through Tellus Support Chat in the app. From 9am to 9pm PST, we will respond right away. Even beyond these hours, it’s not uncommon to find someone to listen and fix your problem.

This feature is available to you for free, no matter how many rentals are managed. We want to save you time and make your rental experience something that is out of this world.


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