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Get full access to the hottest deals in real estate investing with your loose change. It’s your turn to own a piece of everything you’ve ever wanted.

Tellus Property Investment

Residential Real Estate

Invest in the neighborhoods you know and love. Choose high profile homes in Silicon Valley, Beverly Hills, and other top locations.

Fractionalized Debt

With just $200, invest in mortgage fractions for daily returns. Diversify your portfolio across dozens of properties and neighborhoods.

Backed by Real Property

All investments are backed by real property as collateral. Get all the information you need for a smart investment, including the address!

Earn Daily Interest

Track your returns and see daily results.

Real Estate Investment Returns Paid Daily

Sell Anytime

Take control of your investment.

Cash Out Your Investment Anytime
Build a Diversified Investment Portfolio

Location, Location, Location

Build your own portfolio across dozens of top neighborhoods.

Low Barrier to Entry

You don’t need millions to invest, just $200.

Invest in Prime Real Estate Starting at $200

Not a Derivative

Get your name recorded with the county on the title of the home!

Invest in Property Directly with No Derivatives

How to Invest with Tellus

Browse through available properties and create your own real estate collection.

Step 1: Choose your properties

Unlike REITs or bundled mortgage backed securities, Tellus lets you choose a specific home and neighborhood.

Choose a neighborhood based on:

  • Home value
  • Average home value appreciation
  • Median home price
  • Vacancy rates
  • Potential job growth
  • Income per capita

Choose a home based on:

  • Yield %
  • Location
  • Loan duration
  • Loan size
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Sq. ft.
  • Opportunity type

Step 2: Analyze your investments

Tellus shows you how protected your investment will be, even in an economic downturn.

Tellus investors see:

  • Equity cushion and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio
  • Capital stack: other loans or pre-existing liens on the property
  • Economic downside simulation

Historic value

  • See a specific home’s value and track the upward trend
  • Get the latest stats on home valuations in your desired neighborhood

Step 3: Invest

Own a piece of prime U.S. real estate. Start with just $200, see daily results.

Own a piece of everything

  • Choose your stake size; minimum $200 investment
  • Diversify your portfolio across dozens of properties
  • Earn money each day
  • Total flexibility: sell your stake at any time
  • Full transparency: get all the info you need, even down to the home’s address!

Principal protection

  • Optional protection for your investment
  • 1% fee guarantees the return of your principal

Set Up Your Real Estate Wallet

Use a payment platform built for real estate.

Streamline Financial Transactions with the Tellus Wallet

Watch Your Money Grow

Your investment returns are collected in your wallet.

Earn Interest

Any funds you leave in your wallet earn 0.75% APR.


Real Estate Payments

Send and receive money, collect rent, and keep flawless records.

Real Estate House

A Sound Investment Strategy

Capital Stack

Making a smart investment means having all the information you need.

Tellus investors see:

  • The amount of equity built up in the home
  • Other loans on the property
  • Any pre-existing liens
  • The current loan amount

Tellus gives you the loan to value (LTV) ratio to show you how cushioned your investment will be by the owner’s equity. A lower LTV can be an indication of lower risk.

Neighborhood Statistics

Unlike REITs or bundled mortgage backed securities where you don’t know what you’re investing in, Tellus lets you choose a specific home and neighborhood. Invest in the top zip codes across the U.S. for steady returns!

Analyze the neighborhood based on real data:

  • Home value
  • Average home value appreciation for the neighborhood
  • Median home price
  • Vacancy rates
  • Potential job growth for the area
  • Income per capita

Downside Simulation

Everyone wants to protect their investment. The more equity the owner has built up, the less risky your investment will be. We give you all the data points to show the projected home value, even in the worst case scenario.

Principal Protection

Invest with peace of mind. For a 1% fee, Tellus will guarantee the return of your investment principal, even if the investment doesn’t turn out like you hoped. Tellus requires principal protection for all non-accredited investors.

Tellus Real Estate Investment Property Cards

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