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The best time to save is now! Earn 3.95-5.50% APY with Tellus.

We're thrilled to announce that we have raised our Boost Account and Reserve Account rates!


The central bank of the U.S., also known as the Federal Reserve, is responsible for maintaining economic and financial stability. This year, the Fed raised interest rates seven times, with the latest rate hike taking place on December 14, 2022. By doing this, the Fed makes it costlier to take out a loan, causing people to borrow and spend less, effectively pumping the brakes on the economy and slowing down the pace of inflation.

While paying off high-interest debts or refinancing loans at a lower rate can create more room in your budget to account for higher rates during this time, there’s also an opportunity to grow your savings (as interest rates on many high-yield savings products rise after consecutive Fed rate hikes).

Where to save

Don’t expect a savings raise from a big bank this season. The top five largest banks in the U.S. still pay an average savings rate of 0.02%. Why? Because they know they can get away with it. Big banks today “bank on” the fact that opening a new bank account is a hassle and people don’t think critically about financial decisions.

Savers could have earned $42 billion more in interest in the third quarter of 2022 if they moved their money out of the five largest U.S. banks by deposits to high yield savings products offered by credit unions, online banks, and fintech companies.

On December 7, 2022, we raised our Reserve Account rate from 4.75% to 5.50% APY—22x more interest than the average savings account.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re raising our Tellus Boost Account rate from 3.85% to 3.95% APY.

A 3.95% APY (which is just our base rate for the Boost Account) is currently one of the highest savings rates on the market today. And, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it—it takes 3 minutes or less to open a Tellus account and there is no credit check! Plus, Tellus is 100% free to use and you can withdraw your money at any time.

The best time to save is now

So what are you waiting for? Open a Tellus account and enjoy a super saving power!

If you are a Tellus member, consider:

  • Maxing out your Reserve Account (You can enjoy 5.50% APY on up to $2,500)
  • Setting up Recurring Deposits or increasing your deposit amount if you already have this feature set up
  • Inviting your friends and family to join Tellus (Give the gift of savings this season) — You and a loved one can both get 10% APY for 5 days when they deposit $125 or more (Note: You can find your unique invite code within the Tellus app and easily share it from the app)


Why are Tellus rates going up?

The Federal Reserve meets regularly to determine if interest rates should be raised, lowered or sustained to help maintain a stable US economy. If the Fed raises or lowers rates, financial institutions tend to increase or decrease the rates they offer on deposit accounts. On December 14, 2022 the Fed raised borrowing rates by half a point. We’re raising our deposit rates because we believe in sharing that increase with you.

Do my rates automatically change?

If you have money in a Tellus Boost Account, Stack, and/or Tellus Reserve Account, your rates will automatically change.


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