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Introducing the Tellus Boost Account

We are proud to announce the release of Tellus Boost, our high yield cash account. Tellus users will earn 3% APY with an initial deposit for the first 100 days and earn no less than 2% APY after. All interest earned through Tellus Boost is compounded and paid out daily.

Caroline Mameesh Michael Strachan

Boost your investments with the Tellus Boost account!

We are proud to announce the release of Tellus Boost, our high yield cash account for savers and investors to earn interest on idle cash held outside of stocks and bonds.

Tellus users earn 3% APY. With Tellus Boost, our users will be able to earn 60x the national average savings rate and more than high yield savings and money market accounts. All interest earned through Tellus Boost is compounded and paid out daily.  

Similar to how banks and brokerages reinvest funds of high yield savings, cash, and money market accounts, Tellus reinvests funds from Tellus Boost accounts in stable, real estate-backed investments, with a portion of returns passed onto Tellus Boost accounts. Tellus Boost accounts combine the liquidity and high rate of return of stock and bond investing with the security and stability of real estate investing.

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Users can increase the returns of their Tellus Boost account by applying a variety of boosts rewarded for logging in daily, inviting friends, completing quizzes, and more.

To protect our users’ money, all Tellus Boost accounts are secured by Tellus real estate investments for stability. Each and every one of our investments has been rigorously evaluated to see how they would stand up against the most impactful financial crises of recent memory. Even if 2008 were to repeat itself today, our investments would remain secure. Don’t believe us? Check out our downside simulations in the Tellus app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

All of the tools we offer, like the Tellus Manage mobile property management suite, are completely free for all users, and Tellus Boost is no different! There are no fees for creating or having a Tellus Boost account.

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With COVID-19 causing a nationwide lockdown, times are particularly tough right now for everyone. Many savers and investors have seen their returns greatly reduced. At Tellus, however, we’ve worked to guarantee strong rates for our savers and investors. Don’t settle for meager returns when you can enjoy strong, steady growth without diving deep into the real estate market. By giving savers and investors access to higher returns generated via real estate with just $200, Tellus Boost is our latest step democratizing real estate. We’re continuing to lower barriers to the benefits of real estate, making it available to the masses even during the coronavirus pandemic.

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