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How to Winterize Your Home

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to not only keep yourself warm and cozy, but to also take care of your house during the cold months. Here are some things for landlords and homeowners to consider as you begin to winterize your home.

Kiana Moattari
Kiana Moattari

It’s hard to believe the year is almost over and we are entering winter. As the leaves change color and the weather gets colder, it’s important to not only keep yourself warm and cozy, but to also take care of your house during the cold months. Here are some things for landlords and homeowners to consider as you begin to winterize your home.

At Tellus, we want to help you be successful with all of your real estate needs. Whether you are a landlord or new homeowner, we know you need the best resources to take care of your property. That's why we have partnered with TaskRabbit! TaskRabbit allows you to browse their website or app to find Taskers in your area to help you with a number of winter projects. This is a great resource to help you prepare your home for the winter.

1) Check Your Gutters

Make sure that you inspect and clean your gutters before the start of winter to avoid any issues down the road. Not only can clogged gutters cause issues with water damage in the roof, but they can also lead to ice dams which are a potential safety hazard.

Make sure that your gutters are in good shape and can last throughout the snowy months; check for cracks and ensure that they are not loose. Next, you should unclog your gutters and install a gutter guard. Putting in some sort of protection for your gutters will reduce the need to keep cleaning them out.

2) Seal Windows and Doors

Winter brings snow outdoors, but the cold air is not something you want in your home! One of the best ways you can prepare your home for the cold weather is to seal all of the cracks and gaps that are making the atmosphere a bit too cold inside. Ensuring that no warm air is escaping is also a great way to save energy and money.

TaskRabbit knows that as winter approaches, more and more homeowners will be looking for help with different projects and tasks. Lucky for you, sealing your windows is so much easier when you can hire a Tasker. Additionally, Taskers can help you install a storm door to further protect against harsh weather and prevent any drafts that may occur. Hiring a Tasker is easy; you simply describe what you need help with, choose a Tasker, and they will come and complete the job for you.

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3) Check Your Heating System

One of the most important parts you need to make sure works properly is the heating system. Some projects you may be able to save until winter, but you most likely will not want to risk days without heat should anything need to be suddenly replaced.

Furnaces and boilers should be serviced annually to keep them working well and to make sure that they are running efficiently. Replacing your furnace filter is a great way to reduce the cost of your energy bill and TaskRabbit is ready to help make that happen.

Home winterization can also mean checking on the cold air, and it is a great idea to prepare your AC system before winter approaches. Clean your unit, shut the power off, and cover it. Keep an eye on it throughout the winter to make sure it says clean and protected before the warm weather returns.

4) Reverse Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fan is probably one of the last things you’re thinking about during the winter, but there’s actually a great way to utilize it during the colder months. Reverse the fan’s motor and run it in a clockwise direction at a low speed. Doing this will actually force warm air down instead of creating the usual cooling effect. This is a great way to save money by lowering the energy used to heat your home!

5) Keep Your Pipes Safe

One of the most common issues that occurs during the cold weather are burst pipes. It is not only a pain to fix, but it will most likely cost you a lot of money, as well. That’s why it is important to protect your pipes from the cold and make sure that they’re properly insulated. TaskRabbit has services available for outdoor pipe insulation, air conditioner pipe insulation, and general plumbing insulation so you can relax knowing that someone can help make this task much less daunting and stressful to complete. You can also check out these tips to help you further protect your pipes this winter.

6) Chimney and Roof

If your roof needs to be replaced, do it before it starts to snow! A licensed roof contractor can inspect your roof and make more accurate recommendations on what may need to get done before the winter. If there are lots of trees and branches that are prone to falling on your roof, it may be a good idea to trim them to prevent any extra weight and subsequent damage that may occur. If you have access to an attic, it can also be a good idea to check and see if there are any signs of damage or mold that may need to be addressed.

Additionally, if you have a chimney and fireplace, you’ll want to take advantage of it during the winter. It is recommended that you do a chimney sweep once a year to clean out any dangerous debris and soot that may be trapped.

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Emma Frances Logan via Unsplash

7) Smoke Detectors

During the winter months, much more heat and fire is used throughout the home, so it is vital that your smoke detectors are working properly. Make sure you replace any batteries that may be running low and replace any detectors that may be broken. It is important that your carbon monoxide detectors are tested and checked, as well.

Hopefully some of these tips can get you started on winterizing your home. Our friends at TaskRabbit know the importance of maintaining your home, and they have the best services to make these projects simpler and more accessible.

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