Beneficiary Agreement

Last Modified:  Wed, Aug 9 2023

At my death, I transfer my ownership of my Tellus accounts to the beneficiaries as designated above. Before my death, I have the right to revoke these instructions.

These transfer on death instructions do not prohibit other methods of conveying property that are permitted by law and that have the effect of postponing ownership or enjoyment of these accounts until the death of the owner.

These instructions do not exclude my accounts from any external liens or other encumbrances nor do they otherwise bypass any probate process or estate taxes that may apply based on local jurisdiction and other circumstances.

These instructions do not invalidate any deed or will that is otherwise effective to convey title to the accounts described in these instructions and that is not recorded until after the death of the owner. These instructions will not be recorded in the public records of any county and the method of transfer and conveyance of funds from the account will be conducted by returning the funds in the accounts to the financial institution from which they came or that is otherwise linked as a primary external account.