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We built Tellus to democratize yield for everyone, regardless of how many zeros you have in your bank account.

There's a better way to save, and everyone benefits. It's time to tear down the wall between your money and your bank's profits.

Join us in this revolution. Start earning more today.

Our Mission

When we were growing up, we were taught that we should always have savings for a rainy day.  Sadly those of us with the great habit of saving have been robbed of yield by the system. Current savings rates offered by banks don't even keep up with inflation.
We built Tellus to democratize access to higher yields on money. Our mission is to alleviate income inequality by educating consumers on the virtues of saving and investing in assets instead of consuming credit cards.
Wealth is built on making money work for you. At Tellus, we are committed to making that a reality for everyone.
If this mission speaks to you, come talk to us. We're hiring!

Join the revolution.

Start earning more today.

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Join us in democratizing high interest rates to every responsible saver, no matter how much money you start with.
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