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About Us

Real estate is an exhilarating industry with a number of diverse markets and opportunities. It’s also an industry living in the past.

Due to so much fragmentation, it has been difficult to propose an all-in-one, technologically based solution to real problems in the business. We constantly hear from landlords and property managers who are overwhelmed with paperwork and have been looking for a centralized system.

So we decided to challenge ourselves to find a solution.

Tellus's rental management app brings together a powerful suite of tools for you to achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. We know good communication is critical to a successful rental, so we centered everything around a powerful chat platform that cuts down on rental related emails and phone calls by 90%. We also wanted to give you the tools to organize your finances and the information surrounding your home, so we focused on adding a detailed financial tracking component so that you have no doubt about what your bottom line is and can approach tax season with confidence. Each feature in Tellus is designed to save you time and help take out the busywork of managing your rentals. We know this is your business, and we’re serious about helping you run it like one.

The name Tellus is Latin for “earth” or “land.” Even though the real estate market is evolving, the land has always been the foundation of this complex and multifaceted industry. Our lives and homes are built on tiny sections of an immense planet, but each piece of earth is worth celebrating!

We’re focusing on rental management at the moment, but we have plenty of other ideas in the works to incorporate other sectors of the real estate industry. Stay tuned! In the meantime, try using Tellus and step into effortless management.

Our Team

Tellus is a startup dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to transform the rental experience. With our hub in Silicon Valley, we believe in being on the cutting edge of new developments while harnessing talent from around the world.

We’re backed by a group of prominent investors who are serious about our vision for real estate. Together, we’re looking to shake up the industry.


Simplify your rental experience.

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